America should be allowed to debate the immigration crisis on the state level. President Barack Obama created our amnesty crisis, and other countries should have no say in how we protect ourselves!

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Now, some Texas counties are so overwhelmed with the problem of illegal aliens, they are REFUSING to give birth certificates to children of the illegals. Mexico is so angry about this big move in Texas, they fired off an angry letter saying it might hurt our country’s relationship with our neighbor to the South:

The refusal of some Texas counties to issue birth certificates for children born to undocumented parents could threaten the state’s relationship with Mexico, the Mexican government warns.

The notice comes in a brief filed in support of illegal immigrant parents who are suing Texas after being denied birth certificates for their U.S.-born children – even after providing ID cards, known as “matricula,” issued by the Mexican Consulate, Fox News Latino reports.

The Texas Tribune reports some Texas county registrars won’t accept the consulate-issued identification because it isn’t considered reliable.

Some Texas counties were accepting the consulate ID cards until recently, when they were ordered to stop by the Texas state health services department, the Tribune reports.

“[It] not only jeopardizes their dignity and well-being, but could threaten the unique relationship between Mexico and Texas,” the Mexican government said in a brief tied to a lawsuit filed against the state by Texas Civil Rights Project and Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid.

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To hell with Mexico! Anchor babies are given citizenship due to an incorrect reading of the 14th Amendment. These patriotic leaders of Texas counties are simply doing what is necessary to keep Texas safe. And Mexico needs America much more than we need them.

What do you think of this outrageous response by the corrupt Mexican government? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think!

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