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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. They are just looking for an excuse to curtain our constitutional rights even further than they have with the Patriot Act, which we have not felt the full force and effect of yet

  2. Allen says:

    well their have been training camp all up and down the east cost (more on the east cost), midwest ect for years and no has done anything about it and they will do nothing about this so why should this report surprise us

    1. Allen says:

      in addition to that as a example that a look at Dearborn Michigan and the want to initialize Sharia law in the United States witch is in violation of Federal law and nothing is done about that, well you get my point

  3. William says:

    Is this what the country has to thank Obama for. With our open borders and lax on letting the muslin in by the car loads we will have to pay. As a ex GI i know how to use a rifle and would be glad to put a few idiots under the weeds.

  4. J-p A says:

    Remember the American Express slogan, “Don’t leave home without it?” Same applies to a concealed firearm, even in church, the fast food place, the fuel station, the city park, etc.. Police will appear in time to investigate an event in which you survived.

  5. Ursula says:

    I got a gun let them come they gonna be deader than a door nail. I am sick of those radical islamic terrorists. Kill em or get em out of this country

  6. AG4Jazz says:

    If this has been going on since 2013…why only now is this information being made public?
    More scare tatic to justify war!

    1. Ursula says:

      No its because the MSM kept quiet about it it takes Trump and the new policies to bring it out into the open. Obozo that monkey didn’t care.

  7. I agree we have problems but our government is setting on their asses while 20 or more Muslim terrorist camps continue to grow in several states. Why is the FBI just standing around doing nothing?

    1. Ursula says:

      They not standing around now or they’ll hear “you are fired” Trump is not gonna let it happen

  8. nrahat says:

    Don’t you think it is time to detain and investigate Obama???????

    1. AG4Jazz says:

      For what exactly?
      I think it’s time to impeach trump, before destroys America!

      1. nrahat says:

        Obama has already done his best to destroy the USA and Trump is now in the fix it mode!!!!!!

      2. nrahat says:

        And just what have you done for the USA beside joining those in the destructive mode!!!!!

  9. Esau's says:

    I would prescribe multi-agency task force to start a rousting operation on all these identified persons, their families and associates. Just question them. If they refuse to speak, seek a warrant to search and monitor, if probable cause exists. In any event, monitor their social media communications. Enlist local and state police as a force multiplier. If you have a pretextual arrest, use it. If you an expired visa or other illegal status, detain and deport.

    And most of all, begin an investigation into all muslim brotherhood front groups, by empaneling a grand jury. Several of these are already subject to surveillance on national security grounds. Forensic accountants need to examine their finances, under the guise of an IRS review of non-profit status. Again, any pretextual arrest, arrest them. Any visa violation, detain and deport. Question them. Map the associations among the groups, including interlocking directorships. Trace those persons family and associates. Get out the RICO statute, you’re gonna need it.

  10. Danny says:


  11. Chris says:

    hilarious really so the federal bureau of idiots wants to start up the rabid islamaphobia again. false flags anyone?

  12. Dennis says:

    This is my conviction; Islam is conquered by Jesus Christ. Truth has a greater impact on people’s minds than lies and deceptive teachings.
    Jesus declared that “I am the way, the truth and the life”. If we are to find purpose in life, it must be centered in Christ. In the past many of our leaders claimed that they believed in Christ and that they followed his teachings. But we also found out that many of these leaders were charlatans. Chameleons whose claims mimicked a reality that was non-existent in their daily lives.
    Today, we observe that the leaders no longer think that they need to claim Christianity as their core value; so they flaunt their lies and corrupt life styles in open contempt thinking that integrity no longer matters to anyone. When we elect one of these corrupt sociopaths to public office they are assured that no one will challenge them because the electorate is as depraved as they are.
    We looked for a change in this last Presidential election and the center of the nation voted for Trump and Pence, while the elite voted for Hillary. There is a slim chance that God will give America a chance to repent and reclaim our righteous heritage, but only if this nation bows before God in repentance and the people ask for forgiveness, changing their allegiance from Satan to God will we survive.

  13. John says:

    Is this fake news? I can’t believe that a representative of Homeland Security would be so pessimistic, and saying things like “We don’t know why they are here. and we are completely blind to what they are capable of.”

    Statements like that do not sound like they would come from a government official, even if true.

  14. Hank says:

    Originally the Democrats were the party of slave owners and pro segregation. The leaders of the KKK were Democrats. The party evolved over time and declared it was the party of the “working man” and maintained widespread support in the South and heavily blue collar (pro union) areas of the country. The Democrat party has more “straight party line” voters than any other party in America (they vote only for Democrats or democratic ballot initiatives no matter who or what they are). They were known as “yellow dog Democrats” in the South (they would vote for a yellow dog if it was on the Democratic ballot). The number of “straight party line Democrats” has dropped dramatically in the last 20 years as it became increasingly obvious that the party had been totally taken over by liberals/progressives (Socialists). In recent years it became obvious that it no longer resembled the Democratic Party from the past. Zell Miller, a former governor of Georgia, whose family was a multi-generation “yellow dog Democrat” family published a book in 2003, “A National Party No More” detailing the destruction of the Democratic Party. This is now the political party that violently demands that nothing but their liberal/progressive agenda is acceptable in America.

    The Democratic Party, has become so liberal/progressive/Socialist that it only sees “their way” “any other way” being totally wrong and unacceptable to them. During the recent 2016 Presidential election cycle the Left openly labeled everyone that did not totally agree with their views and support Hillary as racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, white supremacist, and fascist. This unyielding position from the left effectively puts everyone in America into an inflexible two party, us or them system, which is not the way it is supposed to be in America.

    Since the November election the Left’s obsession with forcing their views on everyone in America has progressed to the point that we are on the verge of a Constitutional crisis. Every day now I see and hear things that make it clear to me that the Left does not believe in the U.S. Constitution and is increasingly willing to resort to anarchy to destroy it. America must continue to be a Constitutional Republic with the “Rule of Law”, as specifically spelled out in our Constitution, enforced or America will cease to exist!

  15. Dennis says:

    I wouldn’t trust Comey any further than I could throw the ahole.

    1. John says:

      I wouldn’t trust Comey any further than I could throw Sagittarius A*.

    2. Tricia says:

      I sent a reply I meant it for Pat a few comments down but picked up Dennis’ name by accident it was meant for Pat not Dennis pardon my error!

  16. Charles says:

    Barack Obama did NOT get Osama bin Laden. Seal Team 6 did. Obama was living in denial and had decision paralysis when America’s military finally found, and went after bin Laden. All Obama had to do was say “go”. Following 8 years of America being “led” by a stumble-bum president with no foreign policy, it’s a wonder the country has not experienced more Muslim terrorist attacks than it has..

  17. Donald says:

    The people or most of them first OBJECTED to the UNOBSTRUCTED invasion of those ILLEGALS coming here with NO vetting or at the very least very little vetting as to whop they are and WHY they actually came here and are trying to change America into their homes even though we do NOT want that change.
    Those on the right KNOW they were NOT really compatible with our way of life but our then LIAR-in-CHIEF did NOT SEEM to care what we thought of what he was doing to America.

  18. Paul says:

    Not one American has been killed in the US by a foreign terrorist since 9/11, 16 years ago -that’s right, zero.In those 16 years, 300 Americans have been killed by white supremacist terrorists, and nearly 500,000 (30,000/year) Americans have been killed by gun-toting Americans. That is 500,000 to zero, We are fighting the wrong war.

  19. Nelson says:

    “We don’t know their intentions, Kelly said during an address at George Washington University.”
    Kelly would know what their intentions were if he had ever taken the time to read the Koran.
    “We don’t know why they’re here or why they’re coming.”
    These Muslim terrorists are coming here because it’s their religious duty; they’re here to destroy and take over our country by any means necessary.
    “We are completely blind to what they’re capable of.”
    If Kelly and the DHS are completely blind to what these Muslim terrorists are capable of, that blindness is willful. All one needs to do to see what Muslim terrorist are capable of is to look at the European countries which have welcomed these invaders with open arms and are now being destroyed from within as a result of their unbelievable idiocy.
    With people like Kelly and the DHS to “protect us”, we don’t need enemies.

    1. Paul says:

      If you want to be protected, outlaw all hand-guns in the US except for police, and only some of them, since about 100 innocent people a year are killed by policemen. 30,000 Americans a year are killed by other Americans with guns, zero by foreign Islamic terrorists

    2. stageangel says:

      Nelson, I believe Kelly knows exactly what they a capable of, just not the “where and when.”
      You should have kept YOUR mouth shut, instead of opening it and removing ALL doubt, that YOU are a fool.

  20. Pat says:

    The politics of the Right absolutely depend on spreading baseless fear among the electorate, and then establish themselves as the only ones to protect us from it.
    It is all manure. It is bovine excrement.
    Now, everyone, let’s stand up and yell the reverse euphemism for bovine excrement, real loud!
    That is how we get rid of the “existential threats” that assail us in the Right-Wingnut paranoid fantasies.

    1. Norman says:

      You look and sound like a brainwashed Marxist “professor” from some Ivy league college-are you?

    2. Nelson says:

      Pat: The ongoing success of the Muslim terrorists in our country is largely dependent on the shameful ignorance of people like you whom they call their useful idiots.

    3. Hank says:

      You are a new kind of stupid!

    4. Hank says:

      You are one sick puppy!

    5. Tricia says:

      Dennis: Read the Quran or Koran which is an incorrect spelling. It is their religious “duty” to by any means necessary take over any and every where they live! There is no dispute to that! Evidently you’ve not seen the videos of them playing kickball with the head of a human man. Or how they let their kids play with the severed head.You sir are blind in the nth degree I feel sorry for you when they come for you and your family. You will not be prepared!

  21. Norman says:

    The day may come when 80 million legally armed Americans may have to supplement law enforcement, to help wipe out these internal enemies of the nation. Lock and load.

  22. Rex says:

    Lock and Load

  23. Ronald says:

    wrong, George W. Bush started these wars, not Prez Obama. Prez Obama got bin Laden. And many of the leaders.

    1. Donald says:

      Our EX-LIAR-in-CHIEF did NOT actually get that TERRORIST but he DID TAKE credit for that take down because it actually happened early into his tenure.
      The HUNT for his started long before he was elected into the White House.

      1. Mike says:

        What a lot of people don’t realize is that Susan Rice talked then president Bill Clinton out of dealing with the Sudanese who wanted to turn Osama Bin Laden over to U.S. authorities in 1996. Would the 9/11 attack have ever even happened if not for Susan Rice?

    2. Phyllis says:

      Charles is correct. Obama wouldn’t commit one way or the other so Hillary and Panetta made the call, and told Obama about it while it was taking place. Once it was a done deal Obama took the credit for it. The article explaining what Hillary and Panetta had done came out right after seal team 6 went in after Bin Laden. Once Obama took credit that article was taken down and never seen again.

  24. Davison says:

    I wonder if the 9th Circuit is getting the message? Oh, that’s right, we now can’t discriminate against terrorists. They have the same rights to be in this country, apparently, as American Citizens. We are quickly destroying ourselves.

  25. Fred says:

    ROFLMAO!!! This has been the case since 9-11.

  26. David says:

    We can thank Mr Obama for all the terrorists now in our country. He let them in because they are
    muslims. He is a muslim. He wants AMERICA destroyed….PERIOD……He needs to be killed……
    He is totally ANTI-AMERICAN……Hopefully President Trump will take care of this item ……………

    1. Fred says:

      David, they got you to bite! LOL!!! You’re proving to be as gullible as they hoped.

    2. Ronald says:

      R u proposing Prz Obama be killed? That is about the most un-patriotic comment I’ve ever seen. As awful as crooked Trump is, I would never propose he be killed. He’s ur’s and my president after all. Prez Obama is not muslim and and all 50 states r not crawling with muslim terrorist.

      1. Norman says:

        Ronald, wake up and pull your head out of that sandpit-it’s affecting your vision and reasoning!

  27. Guess we will have to accommodate them and fill the pig stys up with their remains when they
    piss off Americans who will respond in kind to any and all threats. When it over there will
    no longer be a mosque standing but there will be a crap load of new pig stys.

  28. Moparman says:

    This shows you how much progressives hate this country.

  29. Deb says:

    They have terrorists training camps all over the place here in the U.S. Why the hell did they allow it? Get rid of those camps! Close them up & crack down on them. I know there’s one Upstate, N.Y. and in VA, etc.

    1. Phyllis says:

      Deb, according to Liberty Headlines the are over 30 of those camps all across the country and many of the mosques are sheltering Jihadists who have come here to join the training camps. They are located in: Alabama, Colorado, California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia and Washington State. Some of these states have more than one camp. In South Caroline they have a 36 acre compound which is a self defined Islamist Village that has established its’ own Sharia law based civil government. They are not a joke or BS. They want everyone in America to follow their laws, or die. They demand pork not be served in restaurants and schools, and they demand Christian symbols be removed from buildings and cemeteries, because it is offensive to them. They also find Christian prayer offensive. We can thank Obama for this mess, as he has said Muslim is the most peaceful religion on earth. That part is BS.

  30. George says:

    not obamas failed policies….couldnt be…..build the wall and put national guard on borders, shoot first, ask questions later.

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