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Terror! Armed, Mask Man Spotted At THIS Major University – Whoa! (VIDEO)

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People are terrified as the University of Toronto is on full lockdown. An armed man in a mask was spotted near campus. The SWAT team has arrived:

The University of Toronto closed multiple buildings on campus as police responded to calls about a suspicious person at a busy intersection at the heart of the city, by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum.

At 9:06 a.m., Toronto police responded to a call about a suspicious person with his or her head covered on campus. “In light of this weekend we will treat it at its highest priority,” said Victor Kwong, a media relations officer for the Toronto Police Service.”We dispatched ATF, emergency task force, we dispatched our canine and our local division.”

A second caller reported a person wearing a mask carrying a gun. Kwong said police don’t know if the caller was seeing officers responding to the incident, or another person.

Police evacuated some buildings and put others on “hold and secure” status, meaning people weren’t told to hide under their desks but they weren’t allowed to leave or enter the buildings.

This is a breaking news story. We will post more details as they become available.