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Terror! Armed Man Enters NY Bar, But This Time…


The death of 48 innocent Americans at a club in Orlando, Florida is tragic. Islamic terrorism has struck again on American soil, and we’re paying the price for President Obama’s inability to confront and defeat the Islamic State (ISIS).

Instead of fighting terrorists and exposing radical Islam, Obama is busy using this crisis to push his anti-gun agenda. Sweeping anti-gun executive orders are expected.

But let’s take a look at how useful guns can be! Just after the deadly attack in Orlando, a retired police officer was in a Queens, New York bar when an armed robber stormed in.

The retired cop took action, long before the police could have arrived- This is instant justice!

Police said 30-year-old Andrew McClean walked into the pub waving a gun and announced a robbery. He took money from the cash register and then stole from some customers before the former cop fatally shot him, according to police.

The cop, identified by police sources as 69-year-old Robert Beardsley, retired in 1975.

His police officer instincts kicked in Monday. He fired one round hitting the robber in the head killing him.

Neighbors in his Whitestone community say they know he’s a retired police officer but he was low-key and quiet.

“He always says hello, he’s friendly. He’s a good guy. When I was a little kid he used to be out mowing his lawn and I’m playing. He’s very nice to me,” said Christopher Rusch, whose father owns the house next door from Beardsley.

This is why our 2nd Amendment protections are so important. At any time, evil can strike, and it’s essential for citizens to be armed. Without a gun nearby for this retired cop, this story could have ended in a very different way.

Robert Beardsley is a hero and he saved the day!

What do you think about Obama’s radical anti-gun agenda? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.