Tennessee wildfires ravaged sorrow and destruction throughout the beautiful woodland communities around Gatlinburg this week.  It’s often out of the depths of despair, however, that some of the greatest beauty can unfold.

As the Tennessee wildfires raged, indiscriminately stealing the homes and the lives in its path, a desperate plea took to Facebook.  A beautiful cry for mercy from on high.

Facebook user Jihan Kamar Cox went live on Wednesday at 9pm Eastern singing “Let It Rain” in her soulful voice.  Jihan’s heartfelt appeal quickly gained traction with hundreds of thousands of views and being shared over 4,000 times.  You can feel the power and desperation as she cries out to the Lord for mercy on the souls of Gatlinburg.

This is a beautiful expression of compassion and faith by Jihan, and what’s more amazing – rain arrived later THAT night.  Within hour of Jihan’s exultant cry, the rains came and helped to extinguish the raging fires.  It was reported that nearly an inch of rain fell in the Gatlinburg area overnight.

And Jihan wasn’t the only person to bring attention and compassion to the people of Gatlinburg – Dolly Parton generously pledged her assistance to families impacted by the Tennessee wildfires.

God showed himself in many ways during this tragedy. One family experienced a particularly awesome miracle – read about it HERE

Who’s says that miracles – and angels of mercy – aren’t real?

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