Christian Pastor Paula White told an incredibly story at a recent rally for presidential candidate and conservative businessman Donald J. Trump. What she said left the 10,000 Trump supporters in central Florida totally speechless!

Watch as White explains how she’s been a long-time friend of Trump’s and wanted to give him a signed Bible from Rev. Billy Graham for his 60th Birthday.

As she explains, the letter included encouragement that is she now considered to be “prophetic“…

“I found out that he really wanted a Bible that had been signed and a letter by Billy Graham. So for his 60th birthday, Billy Graham wrote a prophetic word and a letter to Mr. Donald Trump. Can you hear me here?” she asked the crowd. “I am saying that he loves God. So when you look at the fruit of his life, you see his children, you see the people around him.”

While it’s unclear exactly what Rev. Graham’s profound words were, it’s clear that it directly encouraged Trump to seek the Presidency of the United States!

Watch (below) as White explains her story at the UCF CFE Arena…

White went on to explain how Trump has a personal relationship with Lord Jesus Christ and “is saved.” Clearly, Rev. Billy Graham helped start a movement that has resulted in Trump being the frontrunner of the GOP primary.

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