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Ted Nugent Calls for America to ‘Ammo Up’ Against ‘Allahpuke Zombies’ – Liberals are HORRIFED and OUTRAGED


Ted Nugent – the The Motorcity Madman and champion of the 2nd  Amendment – always speaks his mind (see here and here). But now he is taking his tough brand of conservatism to the next level by warning Americans about the likelihood of a terrorist attack. Nugent called for Americans to ‘ammo up’ to take on the ‘Allahpuke zombies’ … his unique way of referring to the Islamic State and terrorist scum.

Look (below) as Nugent explains why he believes terrorists – who have declared war on the entire civilized West – are ready to strike and what American patriots should do about it:

9-11-14 is the day of infamy again. Unarmed & helpless Americans and Europeans will be viciously ambushed when they least expect it, and the death toll will be more brutal and widespread than all the peace & love dreamers could ever imagine.

Those who carry guns had better gun & ammo up no matter where you go, carrying at least 10 spare mags or 10 spare speedloaders because the allahpukes are confident they will once again methodically slaughter walking cowering whining cryin helpless sitting ducks capable of zero resistance. To gullible naive embarrassing ill prepared targets, there is still time to firepower up ASAP. Head for cover but retain an attentiveness in order to identify the evildoers and dbl tap center mass, then two to the head.

Then take cover and prepare your next evasive escape, taking dwn known jihadists to the best of your ability, Aim small miss small center mass & headshots, This is going to be the real deal & absolutely survivable against these 4th world allahpuke zombies. STAND! Go heavy, Only assholes are outgunned, Dont be outgunned or out ammo’d. Goodluck. Be safe, Shoot straight & OFTEN, Godspeed, killemall

Whoa! Very strong words about global jihad. But with Americans faced with the failed foreign policy of President Barack Obama – with the Islamic State dominating the Middle East and with videos of beheaded Americans flood our airwaves – perhaps we should all share in his anger.

Obama, who spent his life as a community organizer, is a product of left-wing academia, which supports many  unfounded grievances with America’s enemies. Unfortunately, Barack Obama’s rhetorical skills cannot dissuade this vicious enemy from backing down. Only  fighting back and killing terrorists with serious fire-power will work.

Is it time to prepare for another 9/11 attack – do you stand proudly with Ted Nugent? Please share this post and tell us what you think in the comment section.

H/T: Ted Nugent’s Facebook