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Ted Cruz Just Recieved The BEST Endorsement Before Tonight’s GOP Primaries

Chuck Norris

As it stands today, conservative businessman Donald Trump has 384 confirmed delegates and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has 300. With only 84 delegates separating the two, 150 are up for grabs tonight in four presidential primaries: Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, and Mississippi.

And while it’s great for Cruz that MS Gov. Phil Bryant endorsed his campaign, today he also received a bombshell endorsement from actor, marital arts expert, and American patriot Chuck Norris!

As the Daily Caller reported, Norris will be at a Cruz rally today to make the big announcement.

Chuck Norris, who is a Christian Conservative, has been busy exposing the lies of Hillary Clinton through his syndicated column. He’s a well-respected voice among conservatives, which is why this Cruz endorsement is such a big deal.
Chuck Norris

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