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Ted Cruz Just Received A HUGE, High-Profile Endorsement!


Mark Levin, a Constitutional scholar and popular talk show host who worked for the Reagan Administration, told his 6 million listeners who he is supporting for President in 2016: Senator Ted Crux (R-TX)!

Levin, who believes Cruz is the most consistent and conservative candidate still in the race, used the launch of his new television network “LevinTV” to make the announcement.

Here is what “The Great One” had to say…

Levin opined, “My purpose here tonight is to tell you why I support Ted Cruz for President of the United States.” He explained Cruz is – by far – the best choice when it comes to, ““the Constitution, the Republic, individual sovereignty, separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, family, faith, a secure border,” and “our national security.”

He concluded, “Nobody’s perfect. My great idol Ronald Reagan was not perfect. So it’s not that we seek perfection, or that we look for nitpicking ways to oppose somebody. No, you look at the whole picture. You take the whole life of the individual. You look at their entire career over a period of time.”

There’s no doubt that Cruz adheres to Constitutional principles, and conservatives always know where he stands.

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