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Ted Cruz Just Received AMAZING NEWS – He Didn’t Expect This!

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is in the fight of his political life against conservative businessman Donald J. Trump. Behind in the delegate count, every state GOP presidential primary matters before the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio this summer.

Now, a new poll shows that Cruz is leading Trump in the critical state of Utah, and will likely win all 40 of the Beehive State’s delegates!

He’s winning with a majority support there, with Trump in a distant 3rd place behind Ohio Governor John Kasich:

While Ted Cruz has been favored to win the Utah caucus on Tuesday, crossing the 50 percent threshold in the poll is important for his campaign. If a candidate captures 50 percent support in the caucus, the candidate wins all 40 of the state’s delegates. If a candidate doesn’t hit 50 percent, the delegates are apportioned to each candidate with at least 15 percent support.

The Utah poll is fascinating, because it reveals a Republican electorate that is deeply frustrated with Washington but also repelled by the Trump candidacy. More than 80 percent of Utah Republicans believe the national party is on the wrong track. However, a strong majority of Utah Republicans, 64 percent, believe Donald Trump will make the party weaker if he is the nominee.

Only 29 percent of Utah Republicans say they will support Trump in November if he is the nominee. Amazingly, one quarter of Republicans say they will write in another candidate. Smaller numbers say they will vote for a third-party candidate (15 percent) or vote for Democrats (7 percent).

Via Breitbart

This poll shows that Kasich is a huge help to Trump, as this race would be an even stronger showing for Cruz if Kasich dropped out. Cruz is aggressively responding to Kasich by campaigning across the state with popular conservative Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).

This will make the delegate count very interesting!

Ted Cruz

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