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Ted Cruz Just Received AMAZING NEWS About 2016! BREAKING

Ted Cruz

As the Republican presidential primary continues, candidates Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ohio Governor John Kasich are doing everything they can to prevent conservative businessman Donald J. Trump from securing the nomination before the RNC convention in Cleveland.

They need to force a brokered convention. And now, it appears that Cruz just gained more delegates in Colorado! 3 have joined Cruz’s side, with another 4 voting over the weekend.

This momentum is big news for Team Cruz, who has been battling negative press about his personal life in the tabloids.


Former state representative Libby Szabo, Anil Mathai and George Athanasopoulos were elected as delegates to the July Republican National Convention in Cleveland according to the Denver Post. Mathai and Athanasopoulos were officially marked unpledged on a final list of potential district 7 delegates published by the Colorado Republican Party. The two unpledged delegates did appear on a slate for Cruz delegates according to reporter Benjy Sarlin.

The published list of National Delegate candidates in district 7 included 11 for Cruz, 4 for Donald Trump, 1 for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, 2 for Florida Senator Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)78% and 36 unpledged.

At the Thursday night meeting a slate of Trump candidates was handed out with three names, only one of which appeared to be listed on the final state party posted list. Another slate entitled “Open Convention Slate” that was handed out listed two unbound delegates and one for Kasich.

While Cruz wanted to win the nomination outright, his spokesperson Catherine Frazier is admitting that they are fully focused on winning a contested convention in Cleveland, especially after Trump’s expected loss on the first ballot.

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