Team DeSantis On New CDC Mask Guidelines: ‘This Policy Could Actually Backfire’

Team DeSantis On Biden Reportedly Wanting More Mask Mandates: ‘This Policy Could Actually Backfire’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s office said on Tuesday that new Biden administration guidelines to for vaccinated people to begin wearing masks in certain situations settings is “not based in science” and warned that it might that backfire.

DeSantis has seen his star rise in the Republican Party for his relatively more laissez-faire approach to the pandemic.

Team DeSantis made these observations in an exclusive story with Breitbart News.

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Team DeSantis Opposes New Guidelines

“It isn’t based in science.” DeSantis’s press secretary Christina Pushaw told Breitbart News in regard to new CDC mask guidance.

DeSantis’ office continued, “There is no indication that areas with mask mandates have performed any better than areas without mask mandates.”

“In fact, this policy could actually backfire,” DeSantis’ press secretary continued.

“Mandating masks for vaccinated people erodes public trust and confidence in the effectiveness of the vaccines,” Pushaw said.

She went on, “To me it appears that the government wants to be perceived as doing something during a seasonal infection surge, even if their policy does not necessarily make people safer.”

The CDC has also recommended that unvaccinated children wear masks when they return to school.

Pushaw commented, “Masking children can cause serious physical, developmental, and emotional issues.”

“There is no medical reason to mandate masks on children. In Florida, it will be the parent’s choice,” she added.

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Biden Press Secretary Psaki Attacks DeSantis

Gov. DeSantis said last week that his administration will not mandate schools to require children to wear masks.

“And basically going forward, we believe that parents can make decisions about their, their child’s health and safety which is why we think that parents can make the decision about whether the kids should be wearing masks in school,” DeSantis said.

Of DeSantis comments, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “If I were a parent in Florida, that would be greatly concerning to me.” 



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