Teachers Union President Claims ‘Millions Of Floridians’ Will Die Because Of Governor Ron DeSantis

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), ratcheted up the rhetoric this week, claiming "millions of Floridians" will die because of Governor Ron DeSantis.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union, ratcheted up the rhetoric this week, claiming “millions of Floridians” will die because of Governor Ron DeSantis.

Weingarten’s issue comes from a report that DeSantis is selling merchandise that reads “Don’t Fauci my Florida” on his campaign website.

She expressed her outrage over attacks on Dr. Fauci in a tweet that is, surprisingly, still posted.

“Disgusting,” Weingarten wrote. “Millions of Floridians are going to die for Ron DeSantis’ ignorance and he’s choosing to profit from it.”

Millions? Really?

Keep in mind this is the President of the teachers union posting something so bafflingly ignorant that you wouldn’t expect to hear it from a child.

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Teachers Union President: MILLIONS Of Floridians ‘Will Die’

I’m anxious to see just how thoroughly fact-checkers rake the teachers union President over the coals for making such a ludicrous statement.

The entire nation hasn’t approached one million deaths in the entirety of the pandemic.

Florida, which hasn’t succumbed to Fauci’s efforts to shut down American lives to the same level as many other states, has seen 38,282 deaths from COVID and a death rate well below the national average.

But poking fun at Fauci on a beer koozie is going to lead to “millions of Floridians” dying even as the vaccine has taken hold and the pandemic is winding down.

Sure, Karen.

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Randi Weingarten Lies

While the left props up Fauci as some sort of hero or savior nearly on par with the likes of George Floyd, conservatives view him as having handled the pandemic worse than any other major figure in America.

After spending the better part of the pandemic pushing to keep kids out of schools, the teachers union President claimed just the opposite.

“We tried to reopen schools safely since April 2020…” Weingarten insisted on Twitter.

“No single public actor has done more to hurt kids, and education overall, in the last year,” Karol Markowicz writes in the New York Post.

And of course, Weingarten’s own comments betray her.

“If you don’t have the ­infrastructure of testing, and if you don’t have the safeguards that prevent the spread of viruses in the school, we believe that you cannot reopen in person,” Weingarten said five months after she claimed to have “tried” to reopen schools.

Here she is just two months ago refusing to commit to fully reopening schools in September.

The lies and the emotionally distraught response to anti-Fauci t-shirts are not what one would expect from a teachers union President. Or is it?

Senator John Kennedy joked that Fauci might want to get himself an “emotional support pony” following complaints from the doctor that he and science are being attacked.

Weingarten may be saddling up alongside him.



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