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WHOA! Tea Party Star Justin Amash Wins Tough Primary, Slams Political Establishment in Victory Speech

Usually after the toughest elections, candidates gracefully accept the phone call from their opponent and call for unity.

But Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) the hard-nosed libertarian Tea Party star is not your typical politician. He is mad as hell at the growth of big government, and the efforts by the pro-crony capitalism supporters who spent millions trying to defeat him with a primary challenger and the worst type of racial politics.

While wrapping up his victory speech in a win during the primary election, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan’s 3rd District called former Rep. Pete Hoesktra of Holland a ‘disgrace’ and added that his primary challenger, Brian Ellis, ran a smear campaign.

“(Ellis) owes my family an apology, a public apology for what he said during the campaign,” said Rep. Amash.

Amash said specific negative ads that claim he is pro-choice were “complete lies” and said it affected his family, who have been “fighting for pro-life causes for more than a decade.”

And while it’s terrible to have a member of congress with a 100% pro-life voting record, that was hardly the worst attack.

Amash, who is an Arab-American, had ads run against him calling Amash “Al Qaeda’s best friend in Congress.” Apparently, supporting Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) views on limited foreign military intervention makes you a friend of terrorists.

On election night, Amash refused to take the concession phone call from Ellis. Can you blame him?