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At Target, CREEPY Man Walks Into Women’s Restroom- Then, Something SHOCKING HAPPENED!


After Target shocked American parents by allowing men in the ladies’ restroom, the pushback has been serious. Target has had 1.3 million people sign a petition opposing the policy, their stock has lost more than $2 billion of value, and President Barack Obama’s Justice Department is involved.

Now, as talk radio host Glenn Beck explains, the worst we have feared about Target is true! He shared the story of one of his employees at Target, and it’s horrifying:

“So yesterday, Bailey, who is our makeup artist, we’re sitting in the makeup chair, and you know how us gals get when we’re sitting in the makeup chair. We just gab. So she said a friend of hers went into a Target, and there was this creepy guy who was just leaning up against the wall in the bathroom,” Glenn said.

When the young woman looked at him as if to question, “What are you doing here?” he said, “I have every right to be here, and you can’t do anything about it.”

She immediately left and reported the incident to Target management. Their response? “I’m sorry. We can’t do anything about that.”

Target refused to remove the creepy guy — not transgender, not dressed as a woman, not using the restroom — from the women’s facilities. “This is their own policy,” Glenn said. “This is not the government forcing you to do this.

This is Target saying, ‘I’m sorry, we can’t do anything about it because it will make him uncomfortable.’”

This incident is exactly why more than 1,200,000 have made the pledge to stop shopping at Target. “It’s why my wife won’t shop there anymore,” Pat said. “My wife won’t either,” Glenn added.

Now, Target is deciding to allow creepy, strange men into the women’s restroom. And if the women feel uncomfortable or threatened, they will do nothing!

This is outrageous and dangerous.

I will join Glenn Beck and his wife by never shopping at Target again. Will you?