Leftists Demand A Boycott Of Walgreens After Being Triggered By Donations To Republicans

It is admittedly hard to keep up with who the left is mad at on any given day. But currently,…

7 months ago

AOC Suggests Smash-And-Grab Robberies Aren’t Happening, Despite Recent Videos

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) received a fair share of criticism following comments in which she suggested smash-and-grab robberies, some of…

10 months ago

Walgreens To Close Stores In Democrat-Run San Francisco After Rise In ‘Organized Retail Crime’

Walgreens announced they are closing five stores in San Francisco due to an uptick in "organized retail crime" in the…

12 months ago

Newly-Released Career Criminal Stabs 80 Year-Old Grandmother To Death – Texas Police Union Outraged

With reporters taking notes, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo expressed his anger over the handling of this situation.

2 years ago

CVS And Walgreens Announce Ban On Open Carry, Joining Walmart And Kroger

On Thursday, Walgreens and CVS made a huge change that will probably affect sales going forward, especially with gun owners.…

3 years ago