Biden Puts Kamala Harris In Charge Of Attacking Republican Election Integrity Bills

President Biden has put Kamala Harris in charge of expanding voter access through such methods as vote-by-mail and early voting,…

2 years ago

Judge Orders New Election In New Jersey After Mail-In Voting Caused Last Election To Be Riddled With Fraud

A judge has ruled that new elections must be held in Patterson, New Jersey, after mail-in voting allowed massive voter…

3 years ago

Massive Problems With Mail-In Ballots Across The Country Ahead Of Election

Hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots have been reported as undeliverable, lost, or to have caused confusion with voters, ahead…

3 years ago

Kayleigh McEnany Slaps Down Jim Acosta: ‘If Anybody Needs To Be Fact-Checked, It’s The Media’

Jim Acosta attempted to push the false narrative that voter fraud does not coincide with mail-in ballots, but was quickly…

3 years ago

Don Lemon: Twitter Should Make Fake News Label On Trump’s Tweets ‘Bigger’

CNN's Don Lemon claimed that Twitter is letting the President "drag us all right into the mud," and they should…

3 years ago

Mitt Romney: Mail Voting ‘Works Very, Very Well’ In Utah

Mitt Romney has defended voting by mail, saying that in Utah, the system "works very, very well," defending recent criticisms…

3 years ago

Michelle Obama And Tom Hanks’ ‘Non-Partisan’ Group Joins Radically Left ‘MoveOn’ To Demand Mail-In Voting

It was obvious all along that there would be nothing "nonpartisan" about Michelle's When We All Vote group.

3 years ago

Klobuchar Threatens Republicans With ‘Wrath’ If They Don’t Cave To Vote-By-Mail Demands

Senator Amy Klobuchar told her Republican colleagues that they'd suffer the "wrath" if they don't concede to Democrats' demands to…

3 years ago