Sanders Gets Heat From Nevada Unions On Socialized Healthcare

Only he and Warren would make the U.S. healthcare system resemble that of Cuba.

2 years ago

Public Sector Unions to Lose 400k Members Following SCOTUS Ruling

Is there even a point in having public sector unions? What exactly do those unions serve to do? Government jobs…

4 years ago

Democrats Push Back Against Unionization Of Campaign Workers

Democrats love unions - except where their own workers are concerned. Being a campaign staffer is hard work. Staffers work…

4 years ago

NYC Government Pays 200 Workers $1,000 Per Day to Do Nothing

New York City is now home to the most expensive mile of subway track on Earth, and it's a classic…

4 years ago

Trump Considering Privatizing America’s Air Traffic Controllers

During the 1980s, when air traffic controllers at America's airports went on strike demanding higher pay President Ronald Reagan refused…

6 years ago

Blatant Electioneering Violations and Voter Intimidation In Philadelphia

It's mostly common knowledge to people that actually pay attention to election laws that electioneering - providing political materials for…

6 years ago