Trump Derangement Syndrome

Ilhan Omar Ripped For Criticizing Ivanka Trump’s Pro-Family Message

Rep. Ilhan Omar received a harsh reminder of her own family issues when she criticized a feel-good family message from…

3 years ago

Rob Reiner Demands Trump Be Removed From Office So We Can Heal From Coronavirus

Politicizing coronavirus is not only a waste of time and energy, it's also a despicable attempt to pin blame on…

3 years ago

SNL Host John Mulaney Says Senators Should Stab Trump Just Like They Did Julius Caesar

Can you imagine what would have happened had a comedian made a "joke" like this about Barack Obama during his…

3 years ago

Filmmaker Michael Moore Claims President Trump Is More Dangerous Than Coronavirus

It's despicable that Democrats are politicizing this pandemic as a weapon against Trump.

3 years ago

Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Democrats For Politicizing Coronavirus – Calls Out Their ‘New Level Of Sickness’

Democrats have long made it clear that they'd rather see our country fail than see Trump succeed.

3 years ago

Cher Comes Unglued—Claims Trump Is Going To Shoot Someone In New York City

Does Cher really not realize how insane she looks in her anti-Trump tweets?

3 years ago

Rob Reiner Comes Unglued On Presidents Day With Vile Attack On Donald Trump

The actor often comes unhinged when discussing President Trump

3 years ago

Canadian Network Edits President Trump Out Of ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’

Network claims it needed to make room for 'commercials' — do you buy that?

3 years ago

Media’s Response to ISIS Leader’s Death: Trump Was Too Mean

In a remarkable indictment of the mainstream media, a disturbing trend has emerged since the news of the death of…

3 years ago

Rob Reiner Says President Trump ‘Commits Crimes On a Daily Basis’

Famed Hollywood film director Rob Reiner just spoke out to say that President Donald Trump “commits crimes on a daily…

4 years ago