Trump Administration

A Telling Tale of Two Embassies

American-directed force in Baghdad stopped this week's attack before protesters could breach a security entrance — unlike what went down…

3 years ago

Number of Illegals Trying to Cross U.S. Border Every Day Hits 13-Year High

Jason Hopkins on March 26, 2019 Daily border crossings of illegal migrants over the past month have surpassed a daily average…

3 years ago

Trump Administration Turns On Catch And Release

Whitney Tipton on March 20, 2019 The Trump administration announced Tuesday it would no longer detain select migrant families who illegally…

3 years ago

Trump Administration Officials Correct the Record on Family Separation Crisis

House Judiciary Committee Chai Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat, set a strident tone and called the policy akin to 'kidnapping'

3 years ago

17 States Sue Trump Administration Over Emergency Declaration

Oregon's attorney general, Ellen Rosenblum, has now acted along with 16 other officials in response to the president's announcement last…

3 years ago

People Are Advising Trump Aides To Arm Themselves

Proving just how far our democracy has spiraled, numerous people have suggested that members of the Trump administration need to…

4 years ago

George David Banks Resigns from National Economic Council

Breaking news this afternoon as we're learning that an official member of the White House's National Economic Council has resigned.…

4 years ago

Watch Trump’s Secretary of Defense Nominee Absolutely Shut Down Democrat on LGBT Military

James Mattis, nominee for Secretary of Defense, was grilled by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand over his stance on gays in the…

5 years ago