Tom Steyer

Democrats Clash Before New Hampshire Primary

Buttigieg and Klobuchar get the better of their opponents.

3 years ago

New Hampshire primary critical to the survival of several Democrat candidates

How do the candidates stack up for next Tuesday?

3 years ago

Tulsi Gabbard Despised at CNN, Shut Out of Town Hall

No wonder. She's a Democrat who thinks for herself.

3 years ago

Biden and Buttigieg Hope for Lengthy Senate Trial

No participation in the impeachment trials means more time to campaign.

3 years ago

Democratic Debate Tonight Promises Drama

Who is lying, Sanders or Warren?

3 years ago

Cher Calls Trump ‘A Traitor to America’ in Latest Salvo of Liberal Hollywood’s Assault on Common Sense

The Grammy, Emmy, Academy and Golden Globe award winner took to Twitter to rant about Trump—proving Ricky Gervais right—'you know…

3 years ago

Tom Steyer Runs Facebook Ad Comparing President Trump To Saddam Hussein

Peter Hasson on October 29, 2018 Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer is running a Facebook ad comparing President Donald Trump to former…

4 years ago

Billionaire Environmentalist Tom Steyer May Be Angling For A Presidential Run

Jason Hopkins on April 17, 2018 In yet another sign Tom Steyer could be preparing for a 2020 presidential run, the…

5 years ago

Tom Steyer Ceases Donations to Democratic National Committee After Government Reopens

The Republican National Committee has been dominating the Democratic National Committee in donations. The RNC broke a fundraising record and…

5 years ago

Tom Steyer Is Hand-Delivering 535 Copies Of Wolff’s Book To Congress

Chris White on January 7, 2018 Billionaire liberal financier Tom Steyer hopes hand-delivering to Congress 535 copies of a recently published…

5 years ago