Ted Wheeler

Violent Extremists Attack Federal Courthouse In Portland

Federal law officers were dispersed in Portland, Oregon, Thursday night, as violent extremists set fires and smashed windows, in an…

1 year ago

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Pepper-Sprays Maskless Man Over Reported COVID Concerns

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler reportedly pepper-sprayed a maskless man who had confronted him outside a restaurant for not wearing a…

2 years ago

Antifa Supporter Takes The Lead Over Portland Mayor In Race

Antifa supporter Sarah Iannarone has officially taken the lead over Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler in the Oregon city's mayoral race,…

2 years ago

Portland Cop Drives Motorcycle Into Leftwing Rioter Blocking His Path – Her Comrades Go Wild

In the radically liberal city of Portland, Oregon, some protesters tried to get the best of one police officer on…

2 years ago

Portland Man Arrested at Protest and Released Allegedly Murdered Two People Days Later

A man who was arrested at a Portland protest and later had charges dismissed is accused of stabbing two people…

2 years ago

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Criticizes Police After They Defend His Home

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler smeared a local police officer who tackled a rioter, tweeting on Tuesday that the officer had…

2 years ago

Rob Reiner In Denial: ‘I Watch Joe Biden And I See A Man Who Can Save Democracy’

Joe Biden gave a speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Monday in which he made a series of humiliating mistakes as…

2 years ago

Portland Companies Are Fleeing Downtown Area Because Of Black Lives Matter Riots

Businesses that are based in the downtown area of Portland, Oregon are fleeing their offices as the nightly Black Lives…

2 years ago

Portland’s ‘Antifa Mayor’ Says Of Rioters Trying To Murder Police Officers: ‘I Understand Why They’re Angry’

Sarah Iannarone, the self-described “antifa” candidate who is running against Ted Wheeler to be mayor of Portland, Oregon, refused to…

2 years ago

Kayleigh McEnany Torches Portland Mayor After He Finally Admitted Leftists Can Be Deadly: ‘It Took Him 73 Days’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany concluded her press briefing on Monday by ripping into Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler for…

2 years ago

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Warns Rioters Their Actions Will Help Re-Elect Trump

Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland warned the rioters in his city that their actions will only serve to help re-elect…

2 years ago

Portland Politician Absurdly Fines U.S. Government For Protecting Federal Courthouse

She's delusional if she thinks she'll collect a dime.

2 years ago