Texas School Board Votes to Fire Teacher After She Asked Trump to Remove Illegal Immigrants

Texas high school teacher Georgia Clark, who worked at the Fort Worth Independent School District for over 20 years, was…

4 years ago

INDOCTRINATING YOUR KIDS: NJ Teacher Displays Anti-Trump T-Shirt In Classroom

It was 1984. There was an election between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale. My History teacher would not divulge her…

4 years ago

Watch: Huckabee Schools the Teacher Who Forced a Child to Wash Off His Holy Ashes

Shouldn't an educator have known about Ash Wednesday?

4 years ago

Teacher Asks Stupid Students to Stand Up – This Boy’s Reaction is Priceless

Many times, teachers will do their best to bring out maximum effort in their students. The best teachers have little…

6 years ago

American High School Teacher Has Students Bash Trump PiƱata for Cinco de Mayo

Ay caramba! A Colorado public high school Spanish teacher was placed on leave for having her students hit a Trump…

6 years ago

Teacher Posts “The Only Good Trump Supporter Is a Dead Trump Supporter”

A substitute teacher posted "The Only Good Trump Supporter Is a Dead Trump Supporter" on Facebook, and he caught the…

6 years ago

Must Read: Teacher Recalls Hilarious Story Of Woman Giving Birth!

We don't often think of the classroom as the place where a funny story involving pregnancy takes place. Well, one…

7 years ago

11-Year-Old Stands Up For Trump – His Teach’s Response Is SHOCKING!

Too often, young children are being indoctrinated by liberal teachers. One brave 11-year-old called Rush Limbaugh's radio show, and what…

7 years ago

AWESOME! Teacher Forcing Grade Students to Send Cards to THIS Cop-Killer Lost her JOB

Not long ago, Wayne Dupree wrote about Marylin Zuniga, a third-grade teacher at Forest Street School in Orange, New Jersey,…

8 years ago