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Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Pays Bill For Everyone In Restaurant

Mahomes continues to prove he is much more than just a top-notch athlete

3 years ago

Team Trump Airs Super Bowl Ad Touting President’s Important Criminal Justice Reform

President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign aired a commercial break during the first quarter of Super Bowl LIV that touted…

3 years ago

Obama Pals Beyonce and Jay-Z Refuse to Stand During National Anthem

Musical power couple and friends of the Obamas, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, chose to remain seated during Demi Lovato's stirring rendition…

3 years ago

Video: I Cried When I Watched Super Bowl LIV ‘Ragged Old Flag’ Tribute By Johnny Cash And Here’s Why

I pledge allegiance to the flag of The United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands,…

3 years ago

Political Super Bowl Ad Likely to Backfire

Bloomberg's comms staff did not think this through.

3 years ago

2020 Dem Michael Bloomberg Will Run $10 Million Gun Control Ad During Super Bowl

During the Super Bowl this Sunday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg will run a $10 million gun control ad.…

3 years ago

Fox Refuses To Air Super Bowl Ad About Abortion Survivors – Greenlights Commercial Featuring Drag Queens

Drama surrounding Super Bowl commercials is back in full force.

3 years ago

Gladys Knight Earns Widespread Praise for Her National Anthem Performance at Super Bowl LIII

'Class and enduring talent without gimmicks,' tweeted Fox News host Laura Ingraham about legendary singer's Sunday night gig

4 years ago

New England Patriots’ Super Bowl Victory Is Historic: The Dynasty Continues

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick now have earned six rings together — 'greatest of all time'

4 years ago

The Three Best Ads of Super Bowl LIII

Harrison Ford, Jeff Bridges and other actors helped sell products to a tremendous audience on Sunday night

4 years ago

Maroon 5 Avoids Politics — and Entertainment — During Super Bowl Halftime Show

Rock band didn't do any preaching, but it also didn't do anything worth watching

4 years ago

Super Bowl Ratings Hit Lowest Since 2010

The ratings of last night's Super Bowl game followed the general trajectory of NFL ratings all season. While yesterday's game…

5 years ago