California 7-Eleven Workers Placed Under Investigation For Assault After Defending Store From Robber

Two employees of a 7-Eleven in California are being investigated for assault by police after they defended their store from…

2 months ago

Thanks To Bidenflation, Dollar General Launches Higher-Price Store Chain

As Dollar Tree now sells items over $1, Dollar General is launching a new chain of stores that will charge…

2 years ago

AOC Suggests Smash-And-Grab Robberies Aren’t Happening, Despite Recent Videos

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) received a fair share of criticism following comments in which she suggested smash-and-grab robberies, some of…

2 years ago

Washington Post Rushes To Defend Biden Over Supply Chain Crisis: ‘Americans Need To Lower Expectations’

The Washington Post received a fair amount of criticism after running an op-ed suggesting Americans shouldn't complain about President Biden's…

2 years ago

Socialist AOC Invests $1.4 Million In ‘Tax The Rich’ Merchandise

Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is sinking a lot of money into leftwing political merchandise that is available at her online…

2 years ago

California ‘Karen’ Is Physically Dragged Out Of Grocery Store After Refusing To Wear A Mask, Fighting With Customers

Over the past few weeks, numerous "Karen" videos have been going viral on social media. These videos show middle-aged white…

3 years ago

Chilling Footage Shows Vicious Unprovoked Attack On 60-Year-Old California Homeless Man

A horrifying video is going viral this week, showing a 60-year-old homeless man being brutally beaten in California in an…

3 years ago

Anti-Mask Woman Pulls Down Her Pants At Verizon Store – Pees On The Floor In Protest

The debates over wearing face masks have been at an all-time high in recent weeks as the coronavirus pandemic continues.…

3 years ago

Black Lives Matter Mob Invades Target: Threatens To ‘Shut Down’ Store If They Cooperate With The Cops

A chilling video is going viral this weekend showing a Black Lives Matter mob storming a Target store in Washington…

3 years ago

Looters Break Into Philadelphia Gun Store: Come Face To Face With 67-Year-Old Owner Armed With M4 Rifle

As the looting across America shows no sign of slowing down, this story should serve as a reminder that breaking…

3 years ago

Alyssa Milano Gets Slammed After Indicating She’s Proud Of Mob Who Forced Unmasked Woman Out Of Store

Another day, another time that Milano has made an absolute fool of herself.

3 years ago

Kentucky Convenience Store Sign Tells Patrons To ‘Stop Listening’ To The State’s ‘Dumba**’ Dem Governor: Says ‘No Face Masks’ Allowed

Americans everywhere are sick of their overly-strict restrictions, and we aren't going to let them control every aspect of our…

3 years ago