Stephen King

Author Stephen King Says Putin’s In Trouble Now Because He’s ‘No Longer Dealing With Trump’

For millions of people all over the world, when they want to get comfy and curl up with a good…

6 months ago

Joe Scarborough Says Biden’s Dog Major Should ‘Prepare To Meet Doggy Jesus’ After Biting Second Person

After President Joe Biden's dog Major bit someone for the second time at the White House, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough…

1 year ago

Hollywood Goes Bonkers – Blames Trump For Stock Market Free-Fall

The facts show that neither coronavirus nor the declining stock market have anything to do with Trump, but this doesn't…

2 years ago

Stephen King Wants Warren to “Open a Large Can of Whup-Ass on Trump”

The novelist Stephen King said that he was backing Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primaries, and wants to see her…

3 years ago

Let’s Make the Twenties Roaring Again

Let's not just go Trump. Let's go MegaTrump.

3 years ago

Leftists Attack Stephen King for Saying Quality More Important Than Diversity

Stephen King felt the wrath of his fellow liberals when he tweeted that quality is more important than diversity "in…

3 years ago

Hollywood Liberals Gush Over Vindman Impeachment Hearing: ‘Beautiful Heroic’

A small army of Hollywood liberals praised Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman during his impeachment inquiry testimony to the House Intelligence…

3 years ago

Stephen King Mistakes “MS-13” as a Firearm

The Left's display of ignorance on the issue of guns was on full display following yesterday's school shooting in Parkland,…

4 years ago

Author Stephen King: Fatal GOP Train Crash Was ‘Karma’

It's half-expected that during tragic news stories, some far-left kook is going to make a regrettable statement within hours then…

5 years ago

Hilarious Police Parody of Stephen King’s “It” Goes Viral

A modern remake of Stephen King's "It" hit the theaters last week, and it's been a major boon for the…

5 years ago

Author Stephen King Bans President Donald Trump from “It” Movie

Among my least favorite parts of being active on Twitter is learning just how dumb many of the celebrities I…

5 years ago