Stephanie Grisham

Former Trump Staff Member Stephanie Grisham Punches Back At ‘The View’: ‘You Keep Attacking Me’

On Friday, former first lady Melania Trump’s chief of staff and short-term White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham went into…

2 years ago

Report: Former Trump Aides Plotting To Stop Trump From Running In 2024

Disgruntled Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham revealed on Thursday that a band of former Trump administration officials, including…

2 years ago

New Book Claims Pelosi Had Meltdown, Accused Trump Of ‘Bugging Her Phone’

Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham details in her new book how, after a particularly testy meeting between Trump…

2 years ago

Stephanie Grisham Claims Trump Will Be ‘Unleashed’ If He Becomes President Again

On Tuesday, former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed that former President Donald Trump attempted a “coup" and warned that…

2 years ago

Melania Fires Back In True Trump Fashion At Former Aide’s Tell-All Book

Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, best known for rarely holding press conferences, is now talking - a lot…

2 years ago

Forbes Warns Companies Not To Hire Trump Associates Or They’ll Assume Everything The Company Says Is A Lie

An op-ed by the staff at Forbes threatens companies who plan to hire members of President Trump's inner circle that…

3 years ago

Melania Trump Refuses To Offer To Meet With Jill Biden

First Lady Melania Trump is following her husband's lead and refusing to offer to contact Jill Biden, the wife of…

3 years ago

Melania Trump Blasts ‘Malicious Gossip’ After Ex-Friend Claims She’s In Bitter Feud With Ivanka

Melania Trump spoke out on Thursday to slam "delusional & malicious gossip" after her former best friend spoke out to…

3 years ago

Melania Trump Fires Back After TV Host Makes ‘Inappropriate’ Comments About Barron On Father’s Day

It's absolutely disgusting that Barron continues to be attacked by liberals who dislike his father.

3 years ago

Chelsea Handler Calls For Networks To Stop Airing Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings Because They Aren’t ‘Ethical’

Handler and the media can't stand the fact that when Americans are given the chance to actually listen to Trump…

3 years ago

Trump Threatens to Sue ‘Everyone’ Involved in Mueller Investigation

President Donald Trump just threatened to sue "everyone" involved in the Robert Mueller investigation and the trial of his confidant,…

4 years ago