NJ Elementary School Is Stripped Of ‘Thomas Jefferson’ Name Over Slavery

In yet another ridiculous example of "woke" ideology and attempts to erase American history, Jefferson Elementary School in New Jersey…

5 months ago

America 2022: We Tear Down Statues Of The Founding Fathers, Put Up Statues Of Fictional Drug Dealers

The city of Albuquerque unveiled bronze statues of the main characters on the hit TV series "Breaking Bad," Walter White…

6 months ago

George Floyd Bust On Display In NYC, Just Months After Demands To Remove Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson Statues

Golden busts of George Floyd, John Lewis, and Breonna Taylor are being displayed in New York City just three months…

1 year ago

Trump Slams Removal Of Robert E. Lee Statue: ‘Our Culture Is Being Destroyed’

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement slamming the removal of the General Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond. Lee's…

1 year ago

George Floyd Statue In New York City Vandalized, Days After It Was Unveiled For Juneteenth

According to local law enforcement officials, a statue of George Floyd, unveiled for Juneteenth less than one week ago, has…

2 years ago

Statue Of Confederate General Robert E. Lee Removed From US Capitol

A statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was removed from the U.S. Capitol overnight, according to Virginia Governor Ralph…

2 years ago

The Mob Goes After Abraham Lincoln

By Edward Achorn for RealClearPublicAffairs Abraham Lincoln’s statues dot the landscape for a reason that is well-understood: He is a…

2 years ago

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Removes Columbus Statue From Chicago’s Grant Park

The rape of our history proceeds apace.

3 years ago

Chicago Cops Punch 18 year-Old Black Protester In The Face – Knock Out Her Teeth At Riot Over Christopher Columbus Statue

An 18 year-old black protester was just punched in the face by police in Chicago, Illinois during a protest calling…

3 years ago

Virgin Mary Statue Set On Fire In Boston – Suspects Sought In Disturbing Desecration

A Virgin Mary statue was reportedly set on fire outside of a church in Boston, Massachusetts last weekend, and police…

3 years ago

Melania Trump Statue Set On Fire – Left ‘Blackened And Disfigured’

It has just been revealed that a statue of First Lady Melania Trump was set on fire on July 5…

3 years ago

Georgia State Democratic Rep: ‘Disband And Change Name Of Democratic Party’ Because Of ‘Racism, Bigotry And Confederacy’

Democrat Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones asked on a video he shared on social media if his party should change…

3 years ago