New York Sheriff Defiantly Refuses To Enforce Cuomo’s Thanksgiving COVID Restrictions

A sheriff from New York is taking a stand and refusing to enforce Governor Andrew Cuomo's strict COVID-19 Thanksgiving restrictions.…

2 years ago

Fed-Up LA Sheriff Rips Rioters For Calling For Ambushed Cops’ Deaths: ‘Almost Worthy Of ISIS’

The Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva spoke out on Tuesday to blast the crazed rioters who showed up at the…

2 years ago

LeBron James Challenged To Match Reward To Catch Shooter Who Ambushed Two Officers

On Monday, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva issued a public challenge to NBA star LeBron James, asking him to…

2 years ago

After Cop-Shooting Videos ‘Compelled’ Black Man To Kill, He’s Now Suspected Of Murdering His White Cellmate

Last month, we reported that 19-year-old Jayvon Hatchett had stabbed a white AutoZone worker at random after watching police shooting…

2 years ago

Florida Sheriff Bans Deputies From Wearing Face Masks While On Duty

A Florida sheriff just defied the Left by banning deputies from wearing face masks while on duty. Marion County Sheriff…

2 years ago

No-Nonsense Nevada Sheriff Tells Library: You Can Support BLM, But Don’t Call Us For Help When Rioters Show Up

When the Douglas County Public Library in Nevada recently announced plans to support Black Lives Matter, the local sheriff fired…

2 years ago

Ohio Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Governor’s Mask Order – ‘I’m Not Going To Be The Mask Police’

"I'm telling people don't call 911" upon observing Ohioans not wearing masks.

2 years ago

Oklahoma Charging Rioters With Terrorism: We Don’t Tolerate Lawlessness, This Isn’t Seattle

Authorities announced terrorism, rioting, and assault charges for violent protesters in Oklahoma City late last week, taking a shot at…

2 years ago

Washington County Sheriff: ‘Don’t Be A Sheep,’ Americans Have A Right To Dissent From Their Government

Sheriff Robert Snaza of Lewis County, Washington, told crowds not to behave like "sheep" in the face of government orders…

2 years ago

San Bernardino Sheriff Blasts California For $0 Cash Bail Mandate Forcing Release Of Child Molesters

The Sheriff of San Bernardino County has blasted California for introducing a new emergency $0 cash bail that forced him…

3 years ago