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Woody Harrelson Blasts ‘Absurd’ Hollywood Covid Protocols – Tim Robbins Agrees: ‘End This Charade’

The New York Times opened a can of worms in a recent interview with self-described "anarchist" Woody Harrelson while promoting…

3 weeks ago

Trump Resigns From SAG-AFTRA With Epic Letter Blasting Its ‘Dismal Record As A Union’

Former President Donald Trump has resigned from the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) with a…

2 years ago

Rob Schneider Hilariously Mocks Gavin Newsom For His Hypocrisy On Lockdowns

The Hollywood star Rob Schneider took to Twitter on Friday to hilariously mock California's Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom for his…

2 years ago

Chris Rock Blasts President On ‘SNL’ – ‘Trump Is In The Hospital With COVID…My Heart Goes Out To COVID’

While hosting the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" last night, the comedian Chris Rock used his opening monologue to…

2 years ago

Alec Baldwin Accuses Trump Of Destroying America And Its International Reputation: ‘Trump’s Presidency Must Die!’

The radically liberal Hollywood star Alec Baldwin has become infamous over the past few years for his constant attacks on…

3 years ago

Leslie Jones Calls For Rioters To “Burn Down This F*cking Constitution”

The "comedian" Leslie Jones said that the rioters on the streets right now should focus on voting in order to…

3 years ago

Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ Star Leslie Jones Calls For Trump’s Name To Be Put On All Coronavirus Death Certificates

Another misguided member of the entertainment industry has shown how little they know.

3 years ago

Hollywood Explodes After Trump Stops Funding To WHO: ‘F***ing Moron’

Their ignorance is not surprising, just disappointing.

3 years ago

Alec Baldwin Outrageously Shames Americans: ‘If You Vote For Trump Again, You Are Mentally Ill’

His hatred of Trump has consumed him to the point where he feels it's acceptable to vilify the millions of…

3 years ago

Roseanne Barr Reemerges To Claim Coronavirus Is A Ploy To ‘Get Rid’ Of Her Generation

While Barr's theory about coronavirus may be a bit off, it continues to be clear that she has been blacklisted…

3 years ago

Larry David Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Blasts President Trump For Coronavirus Response: ‘Everybody’s Got To Support Biden’

David may not like the way the president has handled the COVID-19 outbreak, but the majority of Americans don't feel…

3 years ago