sally yates

Biden Reportedly Considering Andrew Cuomo For Attorney General

Disturbing new reports are coming in stating that former Vice President Joe Biden is considering naming New York Governor Andrew…

2 years ago

Patrick Leahy Accuses Lindsey Graham Of Going After Sally Yates Just Because She’s A Woman

Senator Patrick Leahy accused fellow Senator Lindsey Graham of only berating former Deputy AG Sally Yates because she is a…

3 years ago

Obama And Biden Directly Implicated In Flynn Affair

They both started the illegal investigation of Mike Flynn.

3 years ago

Kayleigh McEnany Flips The Script On Reporters – Whips Out Specifics On ‘Obamagate’

She went on to call out what she sees as hypocrisy, saying that if the Trump administration would have done…

3 years ago

Liberal Reporter Tries To Corner Kayleigh McEnany On ‘Obamagate’ Crimes: It Immediately Backfires

McEnany has only been the White House press secretary for a month, but she is already showing the liberal media…

3 years ago

Michael Flynn’s Lawyer Torches Obama – Hits Him With Major Accusation

The information that has come out here may be disturbing, but we're glad to see that Obama is finally being…

3 years ago

Sally Yates Supporters Want Her to Run for Office

Sally Yates is out of a job after being told two words that hundreds of participants on The Apprentice have…

6 years ago

Judicial Watch Sues for Sally Yates’ Emails at Justice Department

Former acting-Attorney General Sally Yates, who briefly served under President Donald J. Trump for the first 10 days of his…

6 years ago