I’m Just Going To Say This: Trump’s Endorsement Of Dr. Oz Is The Wrong Move

Former President Trump has issued a full-throated endorsement of Mehmet Oz - better known as Dr. Oz - in the…

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Watch The ‘Best GOP Ad’ Of 2022 Election For ‘America First’ Republican Teddy Daniels

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Trump Wishes A Happy Father’s Day To Everyone Including ‘Losers Of The World’

On Sunday, former President Donald Trump shared a Father’s Day message in the classic fashion his supporters have come to…

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RINOs Try To Steal GOP Convention Thunder

These are a lot of desperate people who need a job.

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Trump: We Are In A Culture War – Republicans Must ‘Toughen Up’ Or Face Difficult Elections

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that this country is in a "culture war," and Republicans must "toughen up" or…

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