Trump Slams ‘RINO’ Romney, Shares Message Claiming Mitt ‘Lost His Mind’

President Trump took to social media and slammed Mitt Romney as a "RINO" after the Utah Senator called Trump's attempts…

2 years ago

Mr. Flip Flop Does It Again – Now Biden Is Apologizing For Supporting A Bill He Co-Wrote

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States and senior Senator from Delaware, now…

2 years ago

Democratic National Convention Parades RINOs Shamelessly Pecking For Crumbs

It was a parade of losers and malcontents.

2 years ago

GOP Senator Sasse Blasts Trump: ‘America Doesn’t Have Kings’

On Monday, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) defended his opposition to the use of executive orders by Donald Trump to address…

2 years ago

Dems Are Looking To Enact Their Scorched Earth Agenda – They Don’t Care For American People

Anyone who isn't worried about what is coming down the pike at this point is either dead or a moron…

3 years ago

Time For Meghan McCain to Stop Using Trump For Career Purposes

Through all the madness of last week, my response to Meghan McCain's attacks on President Trump is as follows:. Just…

4 years ago

Watch Sean Hannity Mixes It Up with RINO Lindsey Graham Over Being “Polarizing!”

  Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham took a shot at Fox News' Sean Hannity, putting him in the same category…

8 years ago