Richard Nixon

Obama Advisor David Axelrod Claims Trump Tried To Steal Election – ‘Nixon Was A Choirboy Compared To This’

David Axelrod, a CNN commentator who was a former advisor to Barack Obama, spoke out on Wednesday to claim that…

11 months ago

Watergate Mastermind And Conservative Talk Radio Legend G. Gordon Liddy Dead At 90

G. Gordon Liddy, a reelection campaign operative for Richard Nixon in 1972 who played a central role in the Watergate…

1 year ago

Rubio Rips Impeachment – Says Trump Can Be Criminally Prosecuted As Private Citizen Instead

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) went on Fox News on Tuesday to say that he is against holding an impeachment trial…

1 year ago

Chris Wallace Whines That It’s ‘Kind Of Sad’ That Republicans Are Not Accepting Biden Win

Fox News host Chris Wallace spoke out on Wednesday to when that it is "kind of sad" some Republican lawmakers…

1 year ago

Joy Behar Comes Unglued On ‘The View’ – Claims Trump ‘Will Go To Jail’

The radically liberal Joy Behar came unhinged on "The View" once again on Tuesday, this time outrageously going so far…

2 years ago

New Poll Shows Trump Within Margin Of Error Of Winning Minnesota

A new poll shows that Minnesota is in play for the election this November, with Joe Biden's lead against Donald…

2 years ago

‘Trump Was Wrong From Day One:’ Gov. Cuomo Says President’s ‘COVID Scandal’ Makes ‘Watergate Look Innocent’

On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said during a press conference that President Donald Trump’s “COVID scandal makes what…

2 years ago

Rob Reiner Throws Another Anti-Trump Tantrum – Calls President A ‘Cancer’ That Has Spread Throughout America

It's sad that someone who once showed so much promise in the entertainment world has allowed himself to be completely…

2 years ago

Ted Cruz Obliterates Smug WaPo Reporter Who Tried To Use Coronavirus To Bash President Trump

In the weeks since the coronavirus shut down our country, members of the mainstream media have shown time and again…

2 years ago

Opinion: Democrat Race Shaping Up Like 1968, Trump Landslide

A veep is nominated, after a bruising contest with a leftist, and loses to a Republican in November. That was…

2 years ago

Biden Campaign on Life Support, Obama Nowhere to Be Seen

The former veep was sold out by his former boss.

2 years ago

Trump Targets Federal Budget For Serious Cuts

For the first time in modern history, a GOP president may be serious about spending cuts.

2 years ago