Ralph Northam

Hundreds Of Virginians Have Had Firearms Confiscated Through Red-Flag Laws

By Tyler Arnold (The Center Square) Hundreds of Virginians have had their guns confiscated from them through red-flag laws since…

6 months ago

Kayleigh McEnany Demands ‘Monster’ Andrew Cuomo Resign – ‘I Don’t Think He Will’

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany went on Fox News on Tuesday to demand that New York Governor Andrew…

2 years ago

Statue Of Confederate General Robert E. Lee Removed From US Capitol

A statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was removed from the U.S. Capitol overnight, according to Virginia Governor Ralph…

2 years ago

VA Gov. Northam Announces New Restrictions: You Don’t Have To Sit In Church For God To Hear Your Prayers

Virginia's Democratic Governor Ralph Northam announced some strict new COVID-19 regulations on Thursday, sending a brutal message to Christians specifically…

2 years ago

Chilling Details Emerge About Plot To Kidnap Gretchen Whitmer

Disturbing new details have come to light about the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan's Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. New Details…

2 years ago

Ralph Northam, Virginia’s Democratic Governor, Tests Positive For COVID

Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam dropped a bomb on Friday morning when he revealed that he and his wife, first…

2 years ago

Virginia Senate Passes Bill That Makes Assaulting A Police Officer A Misdemeanor

The Virginia Senate has passed a bill that would make assaulting police officers a misdemeanor with a possibility of zero…

3 years ago

Virginia Democrats Draft Proposal To Reduce Assault On Law Enforcement Officers From Felony To Misdemeanor Offense

This jarring proposal comes one year after Virginia's Democratic Governor signed a law making animal cruelty a felony offense.

3 years ago

Virginia Governor Ralph ‘Blackface’ Northam Erases History – Democrats Applaud Removal Of Confederate Statue

Whether it's this statue of Robert E. Lee or another non-PC symbol, the PC police are coming for it.

3 years ago

Bombshell: U.S. Intel Says Obama Gave Millions Of Dollars To Wuhan Lab That Produced Coronavirus

His administration reportedly funded the lab in 2015.

3 years ago

Tucker Carlson Says ‘Democrats Encourage Voter Fraud Because It Helps Them Win Elections’

Tucker Carlson said Tuesday night that Democrats “encourage” making voter fraud easier “because it helps them win elections.” Tucker Carlson…

3 years ago

Northam Introduces Universal Background Checks And Gun Rationing To Virginia

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed legislation on Friday into law that introduced universal background checks and rations on gun purchases.…

3 years ago