President Trump

I’m Just Going To Say This: Trump’s Endorsement Of Dr. Oz Is The Wrong Move

Former President Trump has issued a full-throated endorsement of Mehmet Oz - better known as Dr. Oz - in the…

1 year ago

Whitmer Kidnap Case Collapses Following Acquittals, Mistrials As FBI’s Tactics Called Into Question

Two men were acquitted and the jury deadlocked in the trial of two others in a case involving an alleged…

1 year ago

President Trump Dishes On Milley, Afghanistan, And George W. Bush

By Tom Bevan for RealClearMarkets The following is Part 2 of my interview with former President Donald Trump. You can…

2 years ago

WH Official: Trump To Visit Texas To See Border Wall Construction – A ‘Promise Kept’

President Donald Trump will spend part of his last full week in office in Alamo, Texas checking on the progress…

3 years ago

Melania Trump Condemns Capitol Violence – Leftist Media Pounces On First Lady’s Response

In her first statement since violent demonstrations broke out in the nation's capital last week, First Lady Melania Trump said…

3 years ago

It’s Trump’s Last Chance To Declassify These Secrets Of The Russia Collusion Dud

By Aaron Maté, RealClearInvestigations President Trump's last days in office offer a final opportunity to declassify critical information on the…

3 years ago

Trump Engineered Middle East Peace

It's a colossal achievement.

3 years ago

Will AOC Take On Chuck Schumer?

He would beat her.

3 years ago

New York Attorney General: Trump A “Loser,” Discussing Martial Law “An Act Of Sedition”

New York's Attorney General Letitia James has said that if President Trump declares martial law, it will be an "act…

3 years ago

Coronavirus Vaccine Is “A Christmas Miracle” For West Texans

The coronavirus vaccine, the result of President Trump's historic Operation Warp Speed, is being hailed as a "Christmas miracle" by…

3 years ago

Judge Rules Trump Organization Must Turn Over Tax Documents To New York Attorney General

A New York judge has ruled that the Trump Organization must turn over tax documents to Letitia James, the state's…

3 years ago

Democrat House Whip Clyburn: President Trump Is Attempting A Coup

James Clyburn, the Democrat Majority House Whip, has said that President Trump is attempting a "coup" by contesting election results.…

3 years ago