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election protests
Violent election and Antifa protests broke out in New York City, Denver, Portland, Chicago, and more following Election Day.
Biden Crenshaw
Dan Crenshaw slapped down Joe Biden after the Democratic presidential nominee vowed to end Trump’s “chaos.”
melania trump covid
October 28, 2020
Praising her husband, on Tuesday First Lady Melania Trump on said about COVID that the “American spirit is stronger than the virus.”
Violence in Philadelphia
The White House issued a statement slamming Democrat leaders for the violence and unrest that continued in Philadelphia Tuesday night.
Philadelphia Riots Police Officer Shooting
October 27, 2020
Violence erupted overnight in Philadelphia following the shooting of an armed black man, including one sergeant
Trump Obama
President Donald Trump fired back after Barack Obama mocked him, saying that the ex-president is “campaigning for us.”
Town Hall
October 16, 2020
Joe Biden’s ABC Town Hall questioners included a former speechwriter for Barack Obama. ABC tried to hide it, but the truth has come out.
Michael Moore
Michael Moore just issued a warning to Democrats who have been laughing at Trump’s Tulsa base, saying “there’s no massive, intense love of Joe Biden.”
FBI Etsy Philadelphia
A woman who lit two police cars on fire during protests in Philadelphia was tracked down by the FBI via a custom shirt she was wearing that was sold on Etsy
Brees Jackson
NFL star Malik Jackson just said he refuses to accept the apology of Drew Brees for daring to disagree with kneeling during the national anthem.
Looters Philadelphia Gun Store
Looters just broke into a philadelphia gun store and came face to face with the 67 year-old owner, who was armed with an M4 rifle.
Violent looting and rioting is continuing all over the nation as mobs use the killing of Michael Floyd as an excuse to rob and torch property.