Violent Looting And Rioting Continues Across Nation – Mobs Use Floyd Killing As Excuse To Rob And Torch Property

The president is taking a forceful stand against the violence. Many mayors are not.

2 years ago

Sanders Fires Back At Hillary After She Attacks Him – ‘Unlike Secretary Clinton, I Don’t Want To Relive 2016’

Sanders almost sounds like Trump in his response to Clinton's criticism.

3 years ago

Philly Mayor Calls For Gun Control For Officer Protection — An International Police Union Director Disagrees

Jake Dima on August 15, 2019 Democratic Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called for gun control within hours of a prolonged active…

3 years ago

Philadelphia Tries to Ban ‘Racist’ Bulletproof Glass

If you're a Philadelphia shopkeeper and someone shoots you, you can die knowing that at least you weren't a bigot.…

5 years ago

Masked Anarchists Vandalize Philadelphia Police Station, Smash Two Cop Cars

This is the news we do not need, don't you agree? Vandals attacked a police station in Philadelphia over the weekend…

5 years ago

Hundreds of Illegal Alien Voters Discovered in Philadelphia

How common is voter fraud, really? There's no one answer I can give you, because estimates vary widely among studies.…

5 years ago

Race-Baiting Kanye West Owes $53 Million – Philly Cops’ Response Is AMAZING!

Everyone on social media knows that race-baiting rapper Kayne West is in serious debt. He owes $53 million, and wants…

7 years ago

Find Out What MSNBC Anchor Says Is The Cause of The Amtrak Train Crash

MSNBC's Chris Matthews, never one to be confused with a future candidate for Mensa, put on his big boy investigator…

7 years ago