Peter Strzok

Clinton Campaign Spread Alfa Bank Ruse Throughout Obama Admin To Press Trump-Russia Probe

By Paul Sperry for RealClearInvestigations A Hillary Clinton campaign operation to plant a false rumor about Donald Trump setting up…

10 months ago

Rep. Devin Nunes Plans To Submit Criminal Referral After New Peter Strzok Texts Released

Rep. Devin Nunes plans to submit a criminal referral to the Department of Justice following the release of newly declassified…

2 years ago

The FBI Spying Denial That Never Grows Cold

By Eric Felten for RealClearInvestigations Four years after the FBI sent “Confidential Human Sources” secretly to gather information on Donald…

2 years ago

Peter Strzok Outrageously Claims That History Will Remember Him As A ‘Patriot’

The disgraced former FBI official Peter Strzok showed the world how delusional he really is this week when he actually…

2 years ago

RussiaGate Plotter, FBI Agent Peter Strzok Claims President Is ‘Compromised By The Russians’

Disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok continued to push debunked RussiaGate conspiracy theories involving the President, declaring he still believes…

2 years ago

Sarah Sanders Slams Obama: If He Cared About Democracy He Wouldn’t Have Spied On Trump

Sarah Huckabee Sanders torched Barack Obama following his speech to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) Wednesday, suggesting that had he…

2 years ago

Trump Says Obama And Others Likely Guilty Of Treason When Asked About Susan Rice And Obamagate

During Monday's White House press conference, in which the Secret Service had to evacuate the President from the briefing room…

2 years ago

Bombshell: Handwritten Strzok Notes Show Biden Suggesting ‘Logan Act’ Over Flynn Call – Comey Saying It’s ‘Legit’

Notes by former FBI special agent Peter Strzok show former director James Comey advising President Obama that phone calls between…

2 years ago

Trey Gowdy Says ‘My Mistake Was Relying On The Word Of The FBI’ During Russia Probe

Former Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy now says there was one big mistake he made heading into the Russia probe. Gowdy…

2 years ago

Michael Flynn’s Lawyer Torches Obama – Hits Him With Major Accusation

The information that has come out here may be disturbing, but we're glad to see that Obama is finally being…

2 years ago

Haley Attacks FBI Over Flynn Case: ‘It Should Send A Chill Up Every American’s Spine’

Nikki Haley slammed the FBI for their handling of the case against General Mike Flynn, after documents revealed questionable conduct…

2 years ago

Dirty FBI Agent Strzok Prevented The End Of Flynn Probe

He knew there was no evidence against Flynn. But he was out to get the president through Flynn.

2 years ago