Patricia Arquette

Hollywood Liberal Elites React To First Night Of DNC: ‘I’m So Happy I’m A F***ing Democrat’

The first night of the virtual Democratic National Convention took place on Monday night, and it didn't take long for…

2 years ago

Hollywood Elites Lose Their Minds For Kamala Harris: ‘Crying With Joy!’

The liberal elites of Hollywood have been losing their minds ever since Joe Biden named Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as…

2 years ago

Patricia Arquette Claims ‘Donald Trump Is Not The Legitimate President Of The United States’

She also nonsensically claimed that women's rights will be under attack if Trump wins this election.

3 years ago

Hollywood Star Patricia Arquette Says We’ll Face ‘Extinction … Destruction Of Our Planet’ If Trump Is Re-Elected

Contrary to the nonsense Hollywood elitists are preaching, the nation has been thriving under Trump's leadership.

3 years ago

Patricia Arquette Uses Golden Globes Speech to Bash Donald Trump and Discuss Iran Conflict

Hollywood takes every opportunity to go after President Trump, Arquette made that very clear with her comment against the drone…

3 years ago

Patricia Arquette Proposes Making Murder Illegal

Actress Patricia Arquette weighed in on gun control in the wake of the massacre in Las Vegas, and had a fascinating…

5 years ago