Biden Seemingly Turns On Obama As He Calls Russia A ‘Great Power’

President Joe Biden went against former President Barack Obama this week when he referred to Russia as a "great power."…

1 year ago

Greta Thunberg Ominously Claims AOC’s Green New Deal Is ‘Very Far From Being Enough’

The teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who hails from Sweden, went on MSNBC on Friday to claim that the radically…

2 years ago

John Bolton: Claims That Trump Disparaged Fallen Soldiers Are ‘Simply False’

Former national security adviser John Bolton, no friend of President Trump's, forcefully denied allegations made by anonymous sources in a…

2 years ago

John Bolton’s Book Refutes Claims In Anonymously Sourced Atlantic Hit Piece Against Trump

An unlikely source has emerged in helping to dispel claims made in an anti-Trump hit piece published by the Atlantic…

2 years ago

Psychic Greta Thunberg Claims There Will Be Climate Destruction In New Pearl Jam Music Video

Pearl Jam just released a bizarre new music video for their melodramatic environmental doomsday song "Retrograde" that stars none other…

2 years ago

John Kerry: America Under Trump is a ‘Dangerous Place’

Former Secretary of State under Barack Obama, John Kerry, asserted that America under President Trump's policies has become "a very…

3 years ago

Hillary Says The U.S. Is No Longer World Leader Thanks to Trump

Hillary Clinton suggested Tuesday that the United States has “abdicated” its role on the global stage "as a country that…

3 years ago

Lawsuit Says Obama Entered Paris Climate Agreement Illegally, Cites Mysterious Legal Memo

Chris White on November 4, 2019 Former President Barack Obama illegally entered into the Paris climate agreement, a lawsuit filed Monday…

3 years ago

Macron Tells French Citizens: We Will Rebuild the Cathedral and ‘Find Our National Path’

He vows to restore Notre Dame, says now is not time for politics

3 years ago

Report: French Reporters Call Obama THIS Body Part

Did the French media just figure out what the rest of the world already knew? In a response to what…

7 years ago

American Hero Who Tackled Terrorist on Paris Train NEEDS OUR PRAYERS!

It wasn't long ago that Airman First Class Spencer tackled an Islamic terrorist on a train in Paris. The terrorist…

7 years ago

Obama Warns Us AGAIN: We Must Reach Climate Deal Before It’s Too Late — This Guy Has lost It!

On Monday, President Barack Obama said world leaders must agree to cut carbon emissions at a U.N. summit in December…

7 years ago