Obama administration

The Media Won’t Let Biden Lose the Debate Against Trump

It is unlikely that Joe Biden will melt down completely on the debate stage with President Trump, and that’s enough…

2 years ago

CNN’s Van Jones Admits Democrats Control Riots

And he knows they're helping the president.

2 years ago

Attorney General Bill Barr Says Durham Probe To Have Results Before End Of Summer

That could change the entire nature of the race for president.

2 years ago

After Some Delay, Durham May Finally Be On The Way

The probe has not been quick or easy. But it could prove worth the wait.

2 years ago

Sunny Hostin: Trump Obsessed With Obama Out Of Jealousy

Sunny Hostin of ABC's "The View," said that President Trump was obsessed with Obama because he'll never be as smart…

2 years ago

Dr. Fauci And Dr. Birx Fight Rumors From The Left And Mainstream Media

They both are just trying to do their jobs.

2 years ago

President Trump Has Done The Right Things To Combat Coronavirus From Day One

If we do prevail rapidly, it will be due entirely to President Trump’s ability to overcome the institutional handicaps left…

2 years ago

Intel Hero Recovers From Clinton Machine Hit

Wayne Simmons paid a big price for serving his nation.

3 years ago

Behind The IG Report — How The Obama Justice Department Tried To Shut Down The FBI’s Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation

Richard Pollock on April 15, 2018 The Department of Justice Inspector General report on the “lack of candor” by FBI deputy…

4 years ago

SHOCK: Obama’s Secret New Plan To Spy On ALL Your Internet Activity REVEALED

The Obama administration is actively attempting to grant the federal government warrantless access to your web browsing histories and other metadata. The Judiciary…

6 years ago

Illegal Fugitive KILLER TURNED LOOSE By Obama, Then THIS Happened

It’s a disaster of their own making. Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) just placed Eswin Mejia, an illegal fugitive they…

6 years ago

WSJ Reporter: Why Does Susan Rice Still Have a Job?

Wall Street Journal reporter Jason Riley recently discussed the Bowe Bergdahl desertion charges and blasted National Security Adviser Susan Rice…

7 years ago