New Mexico

New Mexico Democrat Leader Steps Down After Fraud And Racketeering Allegations

Democrat New Mexico House Majority Leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton stepped down from the highest ranking position in the statehouse on…

10 months ago

Democrat Strategist Carville Tells AOC To ‘Do The Math’ – ‘We Don’t Have That Many Votes’

James Carville, the legendary Democratic strategist who was a former advisor to Bill Clinton, went on CNN on Thursday to…

11 months ago

Armed Man Arrested Near Kamala Harris’ Official VP Residence – Had Semi-Automatic Rifle And 113 Rounds Of Ammo

A man armed with a semi-automatic weapon and 113 rounds of ammo was arrested on Wednesday near the official vice…

1 year ago

New Mexico’s Governor Shuts Down Grocery Stores For Two Weeks That Have Been Placed On Pandemic ‘Watch List’

New Mexico's Democratic governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has issued a public health order that closes a dozen grocery stores across…

1 year ago

Trump Targets Smaller Battleground States

Nevada was this weekend. There will be more to come.

2 years ago

UFC Legend Jon Jones Takes Spray Cans Away From White Protester

When UFC star Jon Jones saw what appeared to be a young white man with his face covered holding a…

2 years ago

Hillary Clinton Says It’s Time For a ‘Real President’

Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized President Trump and his coronavirus pandemic response on Thursday saying, "We need a…

2 years ago

New Reports From Blue States Show Good News for Trump in 2020

When CNN dispatched a reporter recently to “Democratic strongholds” in Minnesota, the notoriously anti-Trump cable news outlet was likely surprised…

3 years ago

Pentagon Says Trump’s Border Wall is Being Built ‘About a Mile a Day’

Pentagon officials are saying that about a mile of border wall is going up per day, thanks to the efforts…

3 years ago

Democratic Congresswoman Defends Antifa As ‘Peaceful Protesters’

Peter Hasson on August 18, 2019 Democratic New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland described Antifa as “peaceful protesters” Saturday, the same day…

3 years ago

Privately Funded Border Wall Was Just Built in New Mexico

A privately-funded non-profit organization has broken ground on a roughly mile-long section of the border wall between the United States…

3 years ago