Neil Gorsuch

Mitch McConnell Shuts Down ‘Myth’ That Republicans Won’t Have Time To Confirm A SCOTUS Nominee

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took to the floor of the Senate on Monday to completely debunk the "myth"…

2 years ago

Rush Limbaugh Says Supreme Court LGBT Decision ‘May Be The Biggest Sellout Of Conservatism By Conservative Justices’

Conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday that the Supreme Court’s pro-LGBT decision on sex discrimination in employment settings…

2 years ago

Supreme Court Gives Trump Bad News: Refuses To Hear His Challenge To California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Laws

This latest decision by the Supreme Court means that unless something major changes, California's sanctuary state laws will be in…

2 years ago

Schumer Gets Bad News As GOP Moves Forward With Historic Censure For Supreme Court Threat

What Schumer said really was a threat to two Supreme Court justices, and this kind of behavior can't be tolerated.

2 years ago

President Trump: Chuck Schumer Must Face Consequences For Threatening Supreme Court Justices

President Trump called for "serious action" to be taken against Senator Chuck Schumer after the New York Democrat issued an…

2 years ago

SCOTUS Will Hear Important Abortion Case

A Louisiana law mandates proper health contingencies. Choicers are against it.

3 years ago

Neil Gorsuch: Don’t Have Confidence In America? Look Elsewhere

Kevin Daley on September 10, 2019 Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch chaffed at suggestions that Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation set the…

3 years ago

Justice Ginsburg Shields Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh From Criticism

Kevin Daley on July 26, 2019 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg defended President Donald Trump’s two appointees to the Supreme Court and…

3 years ago

Top 5 Neil Gorsuch Rulings So Far

Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as a new Supreme Court Justice in April of last year, taking the place of…

4 years ago

Did Neil Gorsuch Just Betray His Conservative Base?

Did Neil Gorsuch just betray his conservative base? Given the blowback to his ruling today in a case today, that…

4 years ago

On His First Day, Justice Gorsuch Impresses Everyone, Even the Liberal NYT

Neil Gorsuch was President Donald Trump's choice to replace conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. And there's no doubt he was an…

5 years ago