Michael Moore Warns Democrats To ‘Not Underestimate The Evil Genius That Is Donald J. Trump’

The radically liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore just came totally unglued as he warned Democrats to not underestimate the "evil…

1 year ago

Ted Cruz And Mark Cuban Have Heated Twitter Exchange Over Kneeling For The Anthem, NBA, And China

Senator Ted Cruz and Mark Cuban had a heated exchange on Twitter over NBA players kneeling for the national anthem…

2 years ago

Mark Levin Vows ‘I Can Never Watch The NBA Again And I Can Never Watch The NFL Again’

Nationally syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin said of the NFL and NBA on Tuesday, “I am not going to…

2 years ago

Marcellus Wiley Slams NBA Plan To Paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Courts

Marcellus Wiley, co-host of Fox Sports 1's Speak for Yourself, eviscerated the NBA's reported plans to paint "Black Lives Matter" on…

2 years ago

NBA Legend Charles Barkley Is Not Down With Defunding Police – ‘Most Cops Do A Fantastic Job’

Charles Barkley offered up thoughts on the current 'defund police' craze tearing through leftist America, stating he didn't agree because…

2 years ago

LeBron James Blasts Fox News’ Laura Ingraham For Defending Drew Brees After He Criticized National Anthem Kneelers

While all Americans certainly can speak their minds as much as they please, we all would indeed be better off…

2 years ago

Dr. Fauci Says The Private Sector Saved Us On Coronavirus Testing, Government ‘System’ Couldn’t Handle It

The nation’s leading infectious diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told NBA player Steph Curry on Thursday that the government “system”…

2 years ago

Former NBA Star Jeremy Lin Blasts Trump For Calling Coronavirus The ‘Chinese Virus’

Like many other forms of outrage against Trump, the offense over his use of the term "Chinese virus" is fake.

2 years ago

Covid-19 Infected NBA Player Apologizes For Endangering Others After His Teammate Is Diagnosed

It's scary that even an athlete with a healthy immune system can get this virus, and we all here sitting…

2 years ago

Oprah Breaks Down, Reveals Gayle King Is ‘Not Doing Well’ After Getting Death Threats Over Kobe Bryant Clip

King came under fire for an interview clip discussing Byrant's rape allegations.

2 years ago

Comedian Ari Shaffir Dropped By Major Talent Agency After He Posts Video Celebrating Kobe Bryant’s Death

Following backlash the comedian has attempted to defend himself

2 years ago

Chilling Footage Emerges of Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Flying Erratically Before Crash

The flight occurred on a foggy morning which resulted in LAPD grounding their air operations

2 years ago