Ted Cruz Educates AOC After She Claims Republicans Hate the IRS Because They ‘Target Neo-Nazis’

Ted Cruz fired back at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) after the far-left socialist New York congresswoman claimed Republicans want to abolish…

3 months ago

MSNBC Guest Compares Concerns Over Inflation to Nazi Germany… Again

MSNBC is a live television example of what has been wrong with our education system over the last few decades.…

3 months ago

Hillary Clinton Compares Trump Supporters to Nazis: ‘What’s Happened to These People?’

Hillary Clinton made one of her more deplorable comments this past weekend, comparing former President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler…

4 months ago

MSNBC Guest Compares Republicans To Nazis, Mussolini

On any given day, you can find outrageous examples of media bias. But as the midterm election gets closer, the…

5 months ago

Kinzinger Slams Republicans For Comparing Biden’s Door-To-Door Vaccinations To Naziism – ‘Absolute Insanity’

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) turned on Republicans once again on Sunday when he went on CNN to say that “clown…

2 years ago

Meghan McCain Calls Out Google For Diversity Head’s Remarks – ‘Google Is Okay With A Little Bit Of Anti-Semitism’

On Wednesday morning's episode of "The View," conservative cohost Meghan McCain called out the fact that Google’s head of Diversity…

2 years ago

Chris Cuomo Outrageously Claims That Democrats Are ‘Not Where The Antisemitism Is Coming From’

During his show on CNN on Tuesday night, host Chris Cuomo claimed that it's an "ugly tactic” for House Minority…

2 years ago

CNN’s Don Lemon Shames Trump Voters – Lumps Them All In With Nazis, KKK, Alt-Right

CNN host Don Lemon shamed all 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump in this past election, not only…

2 years ago

MSNBC Host Joy Reid Claims Tight Presidential Race Shows America’s ‘Great Amount Of Racism And Anti-Blackness’

MSNBC host Joy Reid launched a truly vile attack on America on Wednesday night, claiming that the fact that the…

2 years ago

Teen Vogue Glorifies Antifa – Says It ‘Aspires Toward Creating A Better World’

It's no coincidence that Teen Vogue has dug up this interview now, when Antifa is said to be organizing many…

3 years ago

Rob Reiner Crams Nine Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories Into One Deranged Tweet, But We Hit Back

We're a whole lot smarter than the Left thinks we are, and we aren't buying into their anti-Trump nonsense.

3 years ago