Ohio Town Proclaims It Is A ‘Sanctuary City’ For Statues Being Defaced, Torn Down Elsewhere

"These great leaders as represented in beautiful and artistic statuary throughout our nation deserve to stand in a place of…

3 years ago

Cher Pushes Bizarre Conspiracy: Suggests Trump ‘Only Wants To Save Whites And White Supremacists’ From Coronavirus

Ever since President Donald Trump took office, the pop singer Cher has become infamous for her frequent unhinged and nonsensical…

3 years ago

Attorney General Barr Announces DOJ Has Opened Over 500 Cases Involving Rioters’ Mayhem And Destruction

While Democratic officials let chaos reign, Trump and Barr crack down on violent, destructive offenders.

3 years ago

Get Your Hands Off America’s Monuments – And We Aren’t Saying ‘Please’

All monuments in the United States must be preserved, PERIOD. Remember when Democrats first stated they only wanted the Confederate…

3 years ago

Judge Issues Restraining Order To Halt Removal of Robert E. Lee Statue in Dallas

Finally, some semblance of sanity regarding the removal of historical statues has been levied. A district court judge issued a…

6 years ago