Monica Lewinsky

Joe Rogan: Epstein Kept That Painting Of Bill Clinton In A Dress To Let Him Know ‘I Got You B****’

The popular podcaster Joe Rogan offered up a theory as to why the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein kept…

2 months ago

How Did No One Notice Bill Clinton’s Response To His Nemesis Ken Starr’s Death?

It appears that time does not heal all wounds, especially in politics. On Sunday, former President Bill Clinton was interviewed…

1 year ago

Monica Lewinsky Thinks Cancel Culture Has Become ‘A Little Too Broad’

On Wednesday, Monica Lewinsky said she believes cancel culture has become “a little too broad,” referencing the culture of shaming…

2 years ago

Monica Lewinsky: Bill Clinton Should ‘Want To Apologize’ For His Role In Affair

Monica Lewinsky, the political world’s most famous intern, said former President Bill Clinton "should want to apologize" for his role…

2 years ago

CNN Panel Derails: Silences Guest Who Questioned Why Bill Clinton Hasn’t Been ‘Cancelled’

A CNN panel just went off the rails after a guest dared to question why former President Bill Clinton has…

3 years ago

Bill Clinton Says Trump’s Oval Office Should Be ‘Command Center’ Not ‘A Storm Center’ – ‘There’s Only Chaos’

Former President Bill Clinton's speech during the virtual Democratic National Convention on Tuesday targeted President Donald Trump's handling of the…

3 years ago

Monica Lewinsky Nails It With ‘I Have A Joke’ Clinton Reference

Monica Lewinsky, the political world's most famous intern, took a shot at the 'I have a joke' social media trend…

3 years ago

Joy Behar Defends Bill Clinton For Monica Lewinsky Affair: ‘Look What Trump Gets Away With’

If Trump or another Republican president had done what Bill did, the Left would have made sure that he could…

4 years ago

Bill Clinton: I Had Sex With Monica Lewinsky to ‘Manage Anxieties’

In a new Hulu documentary, former President Bill Clinton said he had sex with White House intern Monica Lewinsky to…

4 years ago

Clinton Impeachment Litigator Ken Starr Joins Team Trump

Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz come on board just before the senate trial.

4 years ago

Trump Defense to Employ Executive Privilege in Senate Impeachment Trial and for Good Reason

It's not the first time a president has taken this legitimate route, President Bill Clinton used it like it was…

4 years ago

Joy Behar: Clinton Was Sleeping with Lewinsky But Trump Is Sleeping with Putin

On ABC’s "The View" on Wednesday, co-host Joy Behar jokingly compared the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton over twenty…

4 years ago