Mike Lee

Rod Rosenstein Not Sure He ‘Read Every Word’ Of FISA Application Against Trump Campaign Advisor

Rod Rosenstein, the former Deputy Attorney General, admitted that he had not "read every word" of the FISA application against…

2 years ago

Mike Lee: Keep The Government Away From Social Media, Conservatives Won’t Like If Democrats Regulate It

Senator Mike Lee told Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson on Thursday that the government should be kept “as far away”…

2 years ago

Sen. Mike Lee Slams FBI For Its ‘Travesty’ Handling Of Flynn Case

On "Fox & Friends" Monday,  Republican Senator Mike Lee said that the Senate must reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act…

2 years ago

CPAC Disinvites Mitt Romney After He Votes For New Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial

Romney has faced consistent backlash for not supporting the President

3 years ago

Mike Lee Calls Out Democrats For Their ‘Magical Reawakening’ Of Federalism: Where Was Your Outrage Before?

Molly Prince on February 28, 2019 Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee criticized Democrats on Thursday for their selective outrage over America’s…

3 years ago

Democrat Who Doxxed GOP Senators Threatened To Release Children’s Health Info

Jackson Cosko, the Democrat aide arrested for publishing the private home addresses and phone numbers (a practice known as "doxxing")…

4 years ago

Flashback: Sen. Mike Lee Urged Trump To Step Down In 2016

News broke Thursday that President Donald Trump is considering nominating Utah Sen. Mike Lee to the Supreme Court as Justice…

4 years ago

Senator Mike Lee Reveals Justice Anthony Kennedy Is Considering Retiring

The Supreme Court retirement rumors are heating up! Yesterday, we reported that there is a rumor spreading far and wide…

4 years ago

Mike Lee Suggests Obama SCOTUS Nominee Garland for FBI Director

Mike Lee, conservative senator from Utah, has an idea for President Trump's selection to replace James Comey as FBI director,…

5 years ago

Sen. Lee Just Gave Cruz The Best Advice Before Sanders Capitalism Debate!

Sen. Mike Lee just won the Internet! He tweeted advice to Sen. Ted Cruz for his debate against Sen. Bernie…

6 years ago

WHOA! After John Boehner Attacked Ted Cruz, Conservative Hero Mike Lee Did THIS!

Top Senate conservative Mike Lee came to the defense of his friend Sen. Ted Cruz in the wake of attacks…

6 years ago