Mia Farrow

Hollywood Has Full Meltdown After Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Sentence – ‘You’re A Sociopath’

Hollywood had a full meltdown on Friday night when President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone. The White…

2 years ago

Hollywood Celebrates Supreme Court DACA Ruling: ‘Let’s Make It For Life’

“Sweet dreams tonight DREAMERS! Thank you @Scotus.”

2 years ago

Mia Farrow Launches Outrageous Attack On Trump: If He Were A ‘Real Leader,’ He’d Listen To ‘Peaceful Protesters’ Outside WH

Hollywood actress Mia Farrow just went a truly bizarre route with her latest attack on President Donald Trump when she…

2 years ago

Mia Farrow Outrageously Claims President Trump Will ‘Kill Off All’ His Supporters By Reopening Churches

It's unfortunate that Farrow has allowed her anti-Trump mindset to consume her to this degree.

2 years ago

Hollywood Liberals Have Full Meltdown Over Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Hollywood liberals are so consumed by anti-Trump stance that they are all bashing a drug that has the potential to…

2 years ago

Hollywood Stars Lose Their Minds Over VP Mike Pence Not Wearing Mask During Mayo Clinic Visit

In throwing this tantrum, Hollywood leftists have made a mockery over all the positive things that are happening at the…

2 years ago

Hollywood Liberals Gush Over Vindman Impeachment Hearing: ‘Beautiful Heroic’

A small army of Hollywood liberals praised Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman during his impeachment inquiry testimony to the House Intelligence…

3 years ago